How do love eggs work?

4 May 2020
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How do love eggs work?

How do love eggs work?

What are love eggs?

A love egg is a small ‘egg shaped’ vibrator that is inserted into the vagina. They are like kegel balls in the sense that they have a string or cord for easy removal. Many of them are remote controlled and have several settings and vibration patterns. In our eyes, love eggs are often over-looked when they shouldn’t be because they can really spice up your sex life, in more ways than one!

How do love eggs work?

To understand how love eggs work we first need to look at the vagina. The vagina itself doesn’t have
many nerve endings at all. What it does have though, are pressure sensitive points and when pressure is applied to these spots, pleasure is derived.

Once inserted, the love eggs should sit tightly inside your vagina and they will then stimulate the internal vagina walls. Because a love egg is generally larger in size than the top of a vibrator, they provide pressure to the exact spots needed to drive pleasure. When love eggs vibrate, they send pulses and vibrations throughout the pelvic region.

The whole clitoral network, (the tissues and nerves, including the G-Spot) which can bring a woman to orgasm is impacted delivering tremendous pleasure, really making a woman aroused. Some women have described the feelings provided by love eggs as being less intense than that of a vibrator. The vibrations are softer which some women prefer.

Love eggs and foreplay

Love eggs are a great addition to any sex toy collection as they really can help spice up your sex life. As many love eggs operate with a remote control, couples can use them to make date night that little bit more exciting! Why not insert the love egg before going out for dinner one evening and handing the remote control to your partner?! How much of the evening do you think you will get through before rushing home with a glint in your eye?

Love eggs and intercourse

You can even leave them in whilst having Intercourse, just move the string to one side. Couples who have tried this report experiencing mind blowing orgasms as it provides extra stimulation for you both.

Love eggs and oral sex

Using love eggs during oral sex can provide deeper, full-body orgasms as while the love egg is stimulating the G-Spot and clitoral network internally, your partner is focusing on your external sensitive areas around the clitoris and vulva. The string of the love egg can also be tugged gently to change the stimulation experienced internally.

Love eggs and masturbation

Love eggs can be good for solo play too. Once inserted, you will begin to feel the gentle stimulation of its vibration and you can then play around with the remote-control settings to obtain more powerful sensations. Many women require more than just penetration to reach orgasm so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t reach orgasm with a love egg on its own. To help you orgasm, why not pair your love egg with a bullet vibrator to obtain the clitoral stimulation you may need?

Added benefits of love eggs

And if the above reasons aren’t enough to get you jumping online to purchase a love egg then there is an added bonus to them too! Love eggs can also be used to exercise your kegel muscles to improve your pelvic floor muscles. Now, what more could you ask for?

Our recommendations:

Now we’ve answered the question ‘how do love eggs work?’ it’s time to look into our top picks.

Our top pick for couples is the Ro-Duet Remote Couples Love Egg by Rocks Off. This soft platinum body-safe silicone is so smooth and sensual to touch. It is our top pick for couples as your partner can take control from up to 10-metres away. There are also 10 powerful settings for your partner to tease you with from afar. Perfect for foreplay and to spice things up a little.

Rocks Off Ro-Duet Remote Couples
Rocks Off Ro-Duet Remote Couples


For solo play we recommend the Fifty Shades Freed Rechargeable Remote-Control Love Egg. The possibilities are endless with this smooth feminine sex toy and its 12 speeds of vibrations and 8 varying patterns. It’s waterproof and has 60 minutes of usage time. If you do wish to pair it up with a bullet vibrator we would recommend buying the Rocks Off Bamboo bullet vibrator.

Fifty Shades Freed Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg
Fifty Shades Freed Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg


Tempted? You can browse our selection of love eggs and bullet vibrators here.



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