A Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs

4 May 2020
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A Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs

Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs

Anal sex isn’t for everyone and for many it is still a taboo subject. The anus though is an erogenous zone for both men and women alike and can provide much enjoyment, whatever your gender or sexuality. Read our beginners guide to butt plugs to find out more.

Whether you’ve already started on your anal sex journey or are just looking into it for the first time you will have no doubt come across butt plugs and the role they can play. Many people use butt plugs as an introduction to anal play, before they embark on anal intercourse with a partner.

This Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs is here to answer all the questions you may have on butt plugs plus much more!

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that does exactly what it says, it plugs your butt up! They were purely designed for sexual pleasure and what a lot of pleasure they can bring! As not only are there a lot of nerve endings in the rectum, but they are remarkably sensitive too, which only helps to heighten the pleasure a butt plug can bring.

Generally, butt plugs are designed in the same shape. The top is narrow and tapered with a larger flared base. The flared base is essential so that the plug doesn’t get lost inside your rectum, as the anal canal is rather long.

Do I need to use a lubricant with a butt plug?

One thing to bear in mind is that the rectum is not the same as the vagina, in the sense that it does not self-lubricate. It is therefore of upmost importance that you use a lubricant with a butt plug. Ideally always go for a water-based lubricant and be aware that silicone-based lubes are not compatible with silicone made toys and oil-based lube can break down latex. See our range of lubricants here.

What should I be looking for when first choosing a butt plug?

There are certain things you need to be aware of when choosing a butt plug to buy:

• Ensure the butt plug has a flared base for reasons detailed above

• Look at the material the sex toy is made from. You need to be careful that you are choosing a toy that is made from body-safe material.     Avoid cheap plastic and PVC and instead choose one made from silicone or steel.

• Consider the size of the toy as although butt plugs are generally the same shape, the size can differ in order to meet everyone’s needs. It’s      always best to start with a smaller butt plug and then gradually work your way up to a bigger one, if you choose to.

Below are our top picks for great starter butt plugs.

Njoy Pure Plugs Small Stainless-Steel Butt Plug
Njoy Pure Plugs Small Stainless-Steel Butt Plug
Rocks Off Teazer Petite Sensations Purple Butt Plug
Rocks Off Teazer Petite Sensations Purple Butt Plug
Fifty Shades of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug
Fifty Shades of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug

How do I use (insert and remove) a butt plug?

Here are 9 easy steps for using a butt plug:

1. First things first, wash your butt plug before using it. Read and understand the care instructions applicable for the material your butt plug is made of and follow accordingly.

2. Have your lubricant to hand. This is important as the anus and rectum can tear easily, so lubricant makes anal penetration safer and a lot more comfortable.

3. Squeeze the lubricant onto your hand (for extra hygiene use gloves) and then lubricate the shaft and tip of the butt plug. Keep the lubricant to hand as you may need to add more lube during sex.

4. When starting to use your butt plug for penetration the key is to RELAX. Take your time and do not force it in. If you rush, it can lead to tearing or damage to the anal canal tissues.

5. Press it near to the entrance of your anus and press your body against it. When your sphincter muscles relax, the butt plug will start penetrating. Some people find it easier to insert the butt plug, when they are in doggy-style position, but find out what works best for you.

6. Once the butt plug is inside you can gently push more of it inside until you get to the point where it is fully in and your muscles are around the flared bottom of the plug.

7. When you let go of the bottom of the plug, it may slide out (this may happen rather quickly) but don’t let this alarm you. As anal penetration becomes more comfortable for you, you will learn how to control your muscles to keep it in.

8. Gently remove the butt plug by pulling it whilst taking slow deep breaths.

9. Ensure you clean your hands and the butt plug afterwards, taking care not to transfer any bacteria to the vagina or vulva.

What does a butt plug feel like?

It will feel tight at first and there may be some level of discomfort though once you can insert the plug all the way and feel comfortable with it, you can then explore other sexual acts at the same time.

For women, having a butt plug inserted during sex with a partner can feel like double penetration. Their partner can feel this from the inside too. Many people report that the intensity of their orgasm is heightened when using a butt plug.

Will it hurt?

There will no doubt be some discomfort to begin with, which is why it is important to take it slowly. If you feel any pain, stop.

How long can I wear a butt plug for?

There’s no set time frame as it’s best to base it on what is comfortable for you. For some people, a few minutes is all they can tolerate when first starting to experiment with a butt plug, whereas others can comfortably keep one inserted for a lot longer. It is recommended not to leave a butt plug in for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Remove it, let your muscles relax and then you’ll be ready to go again.

How do I clean a butt plug?

It is important to read the care instructions for your butt plug as the cleaning guide can be slightly different, according to the material it is made from. Normally though, cleaning it with warm water and soap is fine.

I’ve been using a standard ‘beginner’ butt plug for a while and am now looking to upgrade – what are my options?

Now that you’re comfortable using a butt plug you have a few options with how to upgrade. You can either choose a thicker width butt plug or one longer in length. Alternatively, you could try a remote-controlled vibrating or rotating one.

Our top picks when upgrading your butt plug are:

Rocks Off 7 Speed Ass-Berries Raspberry Butt Plug
Rocks Off 7 Speed Ass-Berries Raspberry Butt Plug
Njoy Plug 2.0 Extra-Large Stainless-Steel Butt Plug
Njoy Plug 2.0 Extra-Large Stainless-Steel Butt Plug
Je Joue Nuo Butt Plug
Je Joue Nuo V2 Remote Controlled Butt Plug



It’s important to remember that butt plugs were designed with one thing in mind – pleasure.  Found a beginners guide to butt plugs an interesting read? Browse our full range of blogs and guides here.

If they don’t give you this, then just stop – it’s not for everyone. But if they do what they set out to do then relax and enjoy the sensations! If, after reading this you’re ready to give it a try or enhance your current collection why not view our full range of anal toys here.


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