Create a lockdown date night to remember

7 Nov 2020
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Create a lockdown date night to remember

Create a lockdown date night

Finding time for yourself, let alone for you and your partner, can be tough.  However, this one to one time with one another is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Work commitments, caring for children or elderly parents often take priority over making time for yourself and your partner.  To ensure that they carve some time out for one another, some couples swear by a monthly date night. No kids or other couples are allowed.  However, at the moment, with COVID-19 and the changing rules this isn’t so easy to do,  That’s why we have created our date night at home boxes that you can enjoy at home.

Keep the spice alive in your relationship and create a date night at home to remember with our top tips below:

Top tips for your creating  your lockdown date night

1 – Technology Ban

Focusing on your partner is the aim for the evening so turn your phones off and put them in a draw out of sight.  It can be so tempting to check for messages so putting them out of sight will help to totally forget about them.

2 – Just the two of you

Try to make it so that you won’t have any interruptions during the evening.  We know it’s tough at the moment if you have children to arrange childcare for toddlers or to send your teenagers off out for the evening with friends, so you can try to start your evening after their bedtimes.  Alternatively now is the time to put your children in front of a movie or two and to hand over their iPads, x-box controllers or anything else that will keep them occupied for a few hours!

3 – Dress for the occasion

For some this may be slipping into your finest pyjama’s while others may prefer to dress to impress as if they are going out for the evening. There’s no right way to do this – just do what works for the two of you.

4 – Set the mood

How you both want to spend the evening is again a personal decision for the two of you.  You may decide to have a romantic dinner for two, have a games night, watch movies cuddled up together or to create a home-spa.

Whatever your plans it’s important that you create and set the mood. Turn off the lights and burn some scented candles and put some soft music on.  Candlelight is always a winner and LELO have created a couple of amazing scented candles, with 36 hours burn time.  These can provide the right ambience and they also double up as massage oil.

5 – Time to get intimate

Having a bath or shower together is a really sensual experience.  Fill the bathroom with steam by cranking up the heat of the shower water and lather one another up!  Alternatively, relax in a scented bath together whilst sipping on a drink of your choice.

Giving one another a massage is another sensual experience to enjoy.  Spending time massaging oil into your partner’s skin stimulates the production of natural endorphins as well as relieving stress and helping them relax.  Massages often lead on to other things!

6 – Try something new

Looking for ways to spice up your relationship?  Try something new – experiment with different positions and introduce a sex toy.

Whether you’re trying a sex toy for the first time or already have toys that you use, our date night boxes cater for all. The boxes include a range of intimate toys that are perfect to use together as part of your foreplay. We have a selection of boxes with toys from leading brands such as Lelo, Je Joue Rocks Off and Fifty Shades of Grey so you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you.

Enjoy your evening!

Hopefully you will enjoy every element of your date night.  Remember, the most important thing to remember is relax and just enjoy one another’s company.

Browse our range of date night boxes here.  Use code lockdown10 to receive a 10% discount. Go ahead and enjoy a night in!


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