How to use a Pleasure Ring

4 May 2020
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How to use a Pleasure Ring

How to use a Pleasure Ring

Pleasure rings, cock rings, penis rings – whatever you may call them they are all the same – a ring shaped sex toy designed to go over the penis to squeeze the shaft (or shaft and testicles if you choose a cock and ball ring).

Rocks Off 7 Speed 4US Cock Ring Blue
Rocks Off 7 Speed 4US Cock Ring Blue

By squeezing pressure on the penis, blood flow is restricted, creating a harder and longer lasting erection.

There are a few different types of pleasure rings. The first being the single ring (cock ring) which sits around the penis. Then there’s the double ring (cock and ball ring) which sits around both the testicles and penis. Lastly, there is the vibrating cock ring

Pleasure Rings are pleasurable for both partners. By helping men maintain a harder erection and delaying orgasms, penetrative sex can last longer prolonging both partners pleasure.

Our top tips for how to use a Pleasure Ring:

1. Measure Up

Be sure to measure up first. Don’t find yourself in the middle of the act and wanting to use your newly bought pleasure ring without having measured first – it will be a real passion killer! Pleasure rings are designed to fit tightly around the penis in order to restrict the blood flow, but you don’t want it too tight, so be sure to measure first and to measure correctly.

To find out how to measure, read our blog ‘How to measure for a cock ring’.

2. Put the pleasure ring on

To make it as easy as possible, always start by applying lubricant to the inside of the pleasure ring so that it can slide on smoothly. As with all sex toys, check the material the pleasure ring is made from so you can choose a suitable lubricant. A water-based lube, such as Yes Organic Water Based Personal Lubricant is the safest choice.

While the penis is flaccid or semi-erect, place the penis through the pleasure ring. If wearing a double ring, put both the testicles and the ring through accordingly. If more lubricant is required, it can be applied to the penis and testicles.

The ring should feel tight but pleasantly so. There should not be any pain, numbness or changing colour of skin to bright red or purple. The pleasure ring should be worn without any feeling of uncomfortableness. If any of this occurs, the ring is probably too tight and should therefore be removed.

For more in depth details on how to put a pleasure ring on, read our blog ‘How to put on a cock ring’.

3. Experiment with different sexual positions

Lots of sexual positions feel great for both partners when a pleasure ring is being worn, though those positions where your bodies are pressed close together tend to work best.

If using a vibrating pleasure ring, try positions where the female can benefit from the vibrations stimulating her clitoris. Positions such as the female being on top or the missionary will provide amazing sensations for her.

When in the of ‘her-on-top’ try grinding rather than thrusting as this will be more enjoyable as she will have more control over the intensity and positioning of the vibrations to obtain maximum pleasure.

Pleasure rings can also be used for solo play too. He can use it to enhance masturbation and she can pop it on her fingers and use for clitoral stimulation.

4. Remove the Pleasure Ring

It’s easier for the partner wearing the ring to take charge of removing it. Being gentle is key. If required, apply more lube so that it slides off more easily.

The advice is to only wear a pleasure ring for around 30 minutes before removing it. This is to allow the blood flow to return to normal before using it again.

5. Clean Up!

As with all sex toys, the clean up afterwards is of vital importance. All products will come with care instructions so be sure to read up on how best to clean them as it will be dependent on the material they are made from. Most will be fine being washed with soap and warm water but please do read up on the instructions to be certain.

Pleasure rings, as with all sex toys, have been designed with one thing in mind – Pleasure!

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