Practice Safe Sex


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Showing all 2 results

Condoms are sheaths worn over the penis and acts as a barrier. They protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) as they prevent sexual fluids being transferred between partners.

They also protect against unwanted pregnancies as the condom stops sperm travelling into the vagina.

Why use condoms when in a long-term relationship?

Couples in long-term relationships or even married couples still use condoms for a variety of reasons. Using them as a method of contraception is one of the most common reasons but there are other reasons for continuing to use a condom too.

One being to prolong sex and helping the man last longer before reaching orgasm. Some couples enjoy an intimate cuddle after sex and wearing a condom enables them to do this without having to ‘clean up’ first.

LELO HEX Condoms

We stock Hex Condoms by Lelo and they are available in packs of 3 or 6. LELO Hex condoms are strong, thin and provide sensations via their revolutionary hexagonal structure.

They are textured on the inside to reduce slippage and to improve grip and come lightly lubricated with a neutralized latex scent.

Safety Tips

When using condoms always ensure you do the below:

• Only use a brand-new condom – they can only be worn once and should then be thrown away

• Check the expiry dates – yes condoms go out of date and shouldn’t be used afterwards as it could split

• Only use condoms with the BSI kite mark or CE mark – these marks a sign that they can be trusted

• Use lubrication if needed. We recommend using a water-based lubricant like the YES range as they are condom compatible. Be aware the oil-based lubricants break down latex which could result in a broken or split condom.

• Be gentle with condoms and take care not to rip them with sharp nails or by roughly opening the condom packet.