Love Eggs & Pleasure Balls

Love eggs are a sex toy that you and your partner can use together and are a great addition to any sex toy collection as they really can spice up your sex life.

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Showing all 7 results

What is a love egg?

A love egg is a small egg-shaped vibrator which you insert into your vagina, a bit like Kegel balls. It has a string or cord so they can be easily removed.

Most love eggs have a remote control, so you change the vibrations and settings. A good love egg will be rechargeable, waterproof, and very quiet, all good qualities to have in a sex toy.

Love eggs and foreplay

As many love eggs operate with a remote control, couples can use them to make date night that little bit more exciting! Why not insert the love egg before going out for dinner one evening and handing the remote control to your partner?!

How much of the evening do you think you will get through before rushing home with a glint in your eye?

Love eggs and intercourse

You can even leave them in whilst having Intercourse, just move the string to one side and continue with penetration. Couples who have tried this report experiencing mind blowing orgasms as it provides extra stimulation for you both.

Love eggs and oral sex

Using love eggs during oral sex can provide deeper, full-body orgasms. While the love egg is stimulating the G-Spot and clitoral network internally, your partner is focusing on your external sensitive areas around the clitoris and vulva.

Once the love egg is inserted into the vagina the vulva is open, ready for your partners mouth to stimulate your clitoris to maximum intensity! Your partner can move the string to one side or tug on the string to change the stimulation against the vagina.

Your partners tongue should focus on the external clitoris, some ideas are creating a figure of 8 or moving their tongue up and down.

It’s important to be able to talk to your partner and tell them what you like and don’t like when it comes to oral sex as what one person loves another loathes!

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