Luxury Vibrators

At Anytime Delight we love our luxury vibrators.  Our range make big statements and big sexual promises, which they deliver on every time!  They are tried, tested and loved by millions and have all the latest technology and ooze sex appeal.

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Showing 1–24 of 34 results

Choosing a luxury vibrator

If you are looking to purchase a luxury vibrator, generally the price will range from £100, with brands such as LELO, Jimmy Jane and Je Joue providing a great choice there are plenty to choose from.  The main features to look for when purchasing your luxury vibrator are the following options:

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Various Settings
  • Warranty
  • Casing 

How to look after your luxury vibrator

A luxury vibrator is a big investment so you want to treat it correctly to get the most out of it and keep it going for years to come.  Most of Anytime Delight’s luxury vibrators come with excellent warranties, but it’s good to make sure you take the following steps to protect your investment:

  • Check on the maximum charging time, a bit like your phone, you don’t want to overcharge your vibrator. As an average look to charge your luxury vibrator for 2 hours.
  • Only use a lubricant that is compatible with your vibrator, if you are unsure which lubricant to use go for a water-based lube.
  • Make sure that you clean your vibrator after every use. If you are unsure, check out our blog – how to clean your sex toy.


Don’t forget to use plenty of lubricant, we generally recommend a water-based lubricant as it gives a great all over wet feeling and enhances your orgasm.  Try YES as it is organic and PH balanced so kind to your vagina.  Using a lubricant is so important and can have benefits.  It can allow you to relax into enjoying sex, rather than worrying about painful sex or vaginal dryness.

There are different types of lubricants to try, depending on your needs and sex toy, so always check in the product guidelines which lubricant is compatible with your luxury vibrator.

Safety first

Whatever vibrator you choose, whether its luxury or a £10 bullet vibrator one vital point to remember is safety. Ensure your toy doesn’t feature phatalates and BPA, as you probably don’t want toys with these entering your body. Also, if a vibrator is super cheap it’s probably made with super cheap plastic, so avoid it.  Silicone, hard plastic and metal are the best materials for a vibrator to be made of as bacteria or dirt find it harder to stick to.

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