Wands are super powerful and provide amazing stimulation.

As they aren’t meant for internal stimulation they are much bigger than most vibrators so can look a bit daunting but don’t worry they won’t bite and are definitely worth a play. They are designed to primarily be a massage tool, so don’t look like a vibrator, great if discretion is important to you.

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Showing all 7 results

There are 2 types of wands, plug in ones which have a lead, to give maximum power such as the Doxy Wand or rechargeable versions such as Body Wand.

How to use a wand

Firstly, start with some gentle foreplay, getting your body ready for the wand experience.  get into a comfortable position that works for you. If you are masturbating then missionary is always a good one. Move the wand around your body, you can put the wand anywhere that feels good for you. Once you place the wand on your clitoris be sure to keep moving the wand around, as the vibrations are so intense that your pleasure may be over too quickly! Some people also find that if they leave the wand on one area for too long it goes numb.  If this happens don’t worry, back off the area for a while before returning to it.


Don’t forget to use lubricant, we generally recommend a water-based lubricant as it gives a great all over wet feeling and enhances your orgasm.  Try YES as it is organic and PH balanced so kind to your vagina.  Just remember that if you are using a plug in Wand not to use too much lubricant as you don’t want it to get into the motor.  Using a lubricant is so important and can have benefits.  It can allow you to relax into enjoying sex, rather than worrying about painful sex or vaginal dryness.

There are different types of lubricants to try, depending on your needs and sex toy, so always check in the product guidelines which lubricant is compatible with your wand.

Safety first

Whatever wand you choose one vital point to remember is safety. Ensure your toy doesn’t feature phatalates and BPA, as you probably don’t want toys with these entering your body. Also, if a vibrator is super cheap it’s probably made with super cheap plastic, so avoid it.  Silicone, hard plastic and metal are the best materials for wands and vibrators to be made of as bacteria or dirt find it harder to stick to.