For Her

A sophisticated collection of intimate sex toys for women.  Take your pleasure to the next level without the need to compromise on class or luxury.

We are proud to present this collection including toys from leading brands Lelo, Je Joue and Rocks-Off Ltd.

Our toys are sophisticated and sensual with a touch of added naughtiness too.   All made with the best creativity behind them ensuring your pleasure is guaranteed.

At Anytime Delight all our sex toys have been hand selected to ensure they meet out strict safety standards – no phatalates and BPA.  We want to make sure that every toy is completely safe for your vagina.  All you need to worry about is which toy to buy first!

With such a wide range, its very difficult to know where to start! The categories we have for your to choose from are:


A vibrator is a sex toy must have. Vibrators can be used on your own or with a partner, either way they create the most amazing orgasms! Read our full guide on how to choose a vibrator to help you make that all important purchase.

Love Eggs and Pleasure Balls

If you are unsure what a love egg or pleasure ball is, then you’re not alone.   A love egg is a small egg-shaped vibrator which you insert into your vagina, a bit like Kegel balls. It has a string or cord so they can be easily removed.  Most love eggs have a remote control so you change the vibrations and settings. Our selection of love eggs and pleasure balls offer plenty.

Kegal Balls and Dilators

Strengthen your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles by using kegal balls.  They come in a range of sizes and weights, depending on your ability.  It’s always best to start small and light, but then have fun working up through the ranges.  Dilators on the other hand, help tighten your vagina, great for helping women who may experience pain during sex.

Massagers and stimulators

Masturbating is good for your health! Both mentally and physically, so why not invest in a massager to help you find your ultimate orgasm?  Our selection of massagers and stimulators help reach clitoral stimulation just when you want it.  Super powerful wands and uber sexy stimulators for whichever mood takes you.


Dildos are great for doing sex your own way, no vibrations or rabbit ears to interrupt the way you want to do it!  They can be used vaginally, anally and orally, with or without a partner. Our range are stylish and provide maximum pleasure.

So whichever category takes your fancy – go ahead and take a look!