Practice Safe Sex – they’re good for masturbating with too!


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Showing all 2 results

Condoms, also known as rubbers or sheaths are a thin latex sleeve that fits over the erect penis. They act as a barrier as they trap semen from travelling into the vagina, meaning that they can prevent unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Many men also enjoy masturbating with condoms too.

Using condoms with a partner

Using condoms with a partner is the safest way to protect yourself and them against STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. If the relationship isn’t monogamous then it is more important to use them however even married couples and those in long-term relationships still use condoms for a variety of reasons.

Using them as a method of contraception is one of the most common reasons but there are other reasons for continuing to use a condom too.

One being to prolong sex and helping the man last longer before reaching orgasm. Some couples enjoy an intimate cuddle after sex and wearing a condom enables them to do this without having to ‘clean up’ first.

Condoms and Masturbation

Why use a condom when masturbating? Why not is the question we ask?!

Our top reasons for masturbating with a condom are:

1. No mess! Wearing condoms makes cleaning up afterwards effortless. No more hunting around for the closest sock or t-shirt to clean up with!
2. Keeps your masturbator and cock ring toys clean. This saves up on cleaning up afterwards too.
3. Improves your skill of putting a condom on. No more fumbling around trying to open the condom packet and putting it on your penis when in the middle of sex with a partner.
4. Condoms can decrease stimulation which can prolong the sexual act of masturbation.
5. Posh wanking – why not treat yourself to an effortless act of fun?

Safety Tips

• Only use a condom once
• Never use a condom that has previously been opened or unrolled
• Squeeze all the air out of it and ensure there is room in the tip for semen to be held
• Lube up if needed
• Check the condom’s expiry date – if it is out of date it may break

LELO Hex Condoms

At Anytime Delight we stock LELO HEX condoms which are strong, thick and provide sensations through their revolutionary hexagonal structure.

They are textured on the inside to reduce slippage and to improve grip and come lightly lubricated with a neutralized latex scent. Hex Condoms are available in packs of 3 or 6.