Masturbators – the perfect toy for solo play!  These aren’t just for solo play though as they’re perfect to use with a partner as part of foreplay too.


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Anytime Delight are strong advocates of masturbation due to the many mental health benefits it can bring. We strongly believe that masturbation is a healthy party of any relationship and should be spoken about openly between partners.

Masturbator sex toys for men are much more acceptable these days and manufacturers have created designs that will blow your mind!

What is a masturbator sex toy?

A masturbator is a soft sleeve that your penis goes in, providing its nerve endings with sensations and textures that certainly makes a change to a hand!

How to use a Masturbator

• Firstly, you need to apply a water-based lubricant to your penis and the masturbator

• Once fully lubricated you can start inserting your penis into the sleeve

• Slide the masturbator up and down, feeling the amazing stimulation it offers

• If you feel any friction, apply more lubricant

How to choose a Masturbator

TENGA has a wide range of masturbator sex toys. The price range of TENGAs range is also wide, ensuring that they have something for everyone.

From their single use, disposable EGG Series to is a their Flip Hole Masturbator they really have created a range for everyone.

The Flip Hole Masturbator is a reuseable toy with a one-hand control pad and vacuum pump, enhancing sensations with your fingertips.

Each masturbation sleeve offers different sensations due to their differing interiors, so you don’t have to just decide on one as you will have a different experience with each one.

Benefits of using a masturbator sex toy

Using a male masturbator sex toy as part of foreplay or solo sex, eases stress and can train your muscles increasing your stamina during sex.